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Global partners are set to help our company’s position as a strategic partner with a solution that complements our services. Here you will find resources to bring new value to our clients and prospects. Strategic Business Partners (SBPs) who work in this way help to create new information of business strategies, integrating and executing people initiatives in support of the organization’s business plan, therefore adding value.


The challenge of finding and sourcing a partner is time and resource demanding today. Many companies have not immediate and updated analyses of market and its actors for partnership.

A part of the challenge is that usually all focus of a company is on the constant analyses of customers, and suppliers and not per se industry or market that the needed partners are active in. Specially if your potential partner is in actually for something new you plan to do.

Another part of the challenge is in searching the partner you may come across many companies doing the same or providing the same assist or competence and at the same time you are not oriented enough to choose the right one.

We have been working with investment, partnership, and business developments across industries in years and as a part of our job, we are all the time updated about what happens locally and globally in different industries. Our consultants are seniors and know different type of business. We have also a strong network internationally.

We do a mapping together with you to identify your need of partner and then come to you potential candidates. We can support you in the whole process and we do not GIVE UP until you are satisfied.

Development Process

Business model testing

We test the functionality of the business model with potential customers and partners. We develop a business model based on customer feedback.

Description of the business model

We model the whole of a new or renewed business (for whom, what and how), and find out the competition, competitive advantages and profitability of operations.

Creating a business plan

We prepare detailed plans and calculations for potential financiers based on a proven buiness model.

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