You as client to IBG Partners

You as start-ups needed an extended arm to be your business development and sales. You deliver services and products within: Innovative technology, green energy, telecom, real estate development and services in B2B. 

You are company, established your organisation in one or two industry, desire to extend internationally and reach a greater market. 
You are a company targeting IPO or DPO in near future and have products or services ready to enter new markets as a part of your plan to become a Pre-IPO company.

 At the same time you may have even plans to attract more investors to your company. You are a Pre-IPO company, ready to get more investors, prepare better yourself for investors and may need a strong business development to attract even more cooperate partners to your company.

Our Services Policy

1.  We provide you with a complete solution. One contact point for all your business needs.

3.  We have strong partners and wide network in many countries, ready to assist us to contribute the best and most qualified services.

2.  We have access to all our specialist companies under CSR Capital both in Sweden and abroad. This means that all your needs concerning, finance, economy, HR, media, investment, capitalisation  etc, is accessible to you on demand. 

4.  We always provide services with the most cost effective approach for our clients. 

Our Services: Business Development

Many companies, no matter size, have not all competence and expertise in-house, it is not either cost effective to do so.

Therefore, time to time, you as company need to take in competence in the stage you want to expend your market, introduce your new product, need sale strategy and channels, or conceptualize and realize a new business area. In such case, we are your partner to take your strategy into concrete actions and establishments.

We can contribute to point-efforts or project management for a longer time. You tell us your needs, we come with the most cost-effective solutions!

Our Services: Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions, M&A, include the Consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, purchase of assets, and management acquisitions.

Our service includes evaluation, preparation, processing and establishing. This means we can assist you in the Whole process for any type of M&A no matter where you want it.